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Our Approach:

In over twenty years of designing and presenting writing workshops, we have come to the following conclusions about teaching business writing. They guide us as we work with clients.

  • Anyone employed in an organization can be a good business writer. Note that I said a good business writer, not a great writer or even a great business writer, but a good business writer. All that is needed is well-designed instruction.
  • Good writing begins before a person picks up a pencil or touches the keyboard; good writing begins with thinking. That’s why we emphasize the analytical pre-writing steps.
  • Participants need feedback from other participants and the instructor. That’s why we limit the number of participants in each workshop.
  • Seven principles of effective writing can transform a person’s writing from rambling to focused.
  • When participants' managers are involved in planning the program, the results are superior to those in which managers are not involved.

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Our Most Frequently Requested Workshops are:

Effective Writing for Managers
Effective Writing for Auditors
Effective Writing for Administrative Personel
Custom Programs


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